Veterans for Missing and  Exploited Children was founded in light of the recent increase of child abductions. Veterans for Missing and  Exploited Children hires unemployed, specially trained, and highly motivated Veterans to use high tech equipment (such as thermal imaging) along with many other devices to aid Law Enforcement in their search, in the event that a child goes missing.  

What if it was your child who was missing/abducted?  Please consider a donation today...before another child goes missing! 
                We have added this new Donation Pledge
                to our website!  For those of you who 
                would liketo donate to our Organization
                and help the Veterans and Children, but
                don't have the money available 
                at this time, this is the perfect opportunity
                to make a donation when it is convenient
                for you!  Click on the link below!  Thanks
                in advance for your continued support!
    The picture above is the Founder and President,
    Holden Barnhart, while depolyed to Iraq in 2006-2007.
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 If  YOUR child was missing, would you want this resource available?  Please consider a donation today, before another innocent child goes missing!
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